Enough with The Talk on Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform

610xNew Orleans Frankly, I don’t read editorials in the New York Times. Usually they just made me mad.  Saturday though there was one that was mad enough already under the headline:  “Republicans Wanted.”  The editorial was about the meetings last Thursday between President Obama and advocates for immigration reform.

Telling it like it is, the Times laid it our clearly:  “Enough with the talk.”

Amen to that!

The notion that the President would ask the advocates to go round up Republicans I hit on the other day, and the editorialist was reading over my shoulder the other day when he correctly says, “…that’s enough to make anyone want to reach for the plug and pull it.”

The March in March is a game changer, but only the starting innings, the first quarter, the early round, but in truth winning or losing is now all in the streets, all in the barrios, all in the bodegas, and all at the grassroots now.  Let’s take the “governor” off of the accelerator and stop downplaying the pain, tragedy and anger of the immigrant experience.

In the meeting with the President, all reports indicate Angelica Salas from CRLA , the great immigrant rights organization in Los Angeles, hit hard and wouldn’t back up on her insistence that deportations had to stop and the President had to lead.  We need this and more.  The charm offensive has to end.  The cajoling has to take second seat.

Enough with the talk!