Alto Arizona

Immigration Reform Protests

Front_Page_Image_2New Orleans Alto Arizona is the Spanish. STOP ARIZONA is the English. We need to join together to try and stop Arizona from trying its darnedest to enact the most repressive, terroristic, anti-immigrant legislation in the country. If Governor Brewer signs this legislation, it turns racial profiling from a tendency to an legal obligation in this great state. Anyone with virtually a tan would have to have their South African apartheid type identity cards on them at all times to make sure they didn’t end up in the calaboose or a frog march to the desert.

This is truly evil stuff.

I have a sick feeling that this is all going to end up on President Obama’s desk, but let’s do everything we can to stand together with our brothers and sisters and raise the issue up.

The National Day Laborers’ Organizing Network (NDLON) under the leadership of Pablo Alvarado and its legal director, Chris Newman, has sponsored the site, so that we can all sign an email petition directly to Governor Brewer demanding her not to do this terrible thing. It takes about 2 seconds.

Double click and do the right thing. Thanks!