Dancing ACORNs in Washington Times

dancingacornNew Orleans
An illustration called “dancing acorns” – in fact that’s how it pulls
up on a Google search when you type “dancing acorns and Washington Times” illustrated a hater
column on ACORN by Matthew Vadum in the August 19th paper. You can see it with this blog.

Tell me, please, is it me or is there any imaginable way to look at this graphic and not see
it as blatantly racist?


1 thought on “Dancing ACORNs in Washington Times

  1. Ahn O'Nymous

    Sure. You can see that none of the acorns are racially identifiable as anything other than acorns. Unless you’re projecting your own racial representational imagery onto the illustration, in which case you would be the one making the racist connection. To quote a friend, the one in the center just looks like a Commie-beatnik acorn wearing a beret.

    The only reason you see it as racist is because deep down you want to. You want an easy argument to use, so you invent one. So, really, it isn’t about racism at all. It’s about your idiocy.

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