Palin’s Gunsights on Gabrielle Giffords and Others

palin-graphicNew Orleans    This is Giffords herself talking about Palin’s targeting and health care vote:

As Giffords says below:  “there are consequences to these kinds of actions.”

“Arizona has become the mecca of prejudice and bigotry,” said Keith Olbermann, quoting the Pima County Sheriff who is investigating the murder of 6 persons in Tucson on Saturday.  The sheriff insinuated that the threatening type of remarks made by talk radio hosts and politicians emboldens unstable people to act out.


1 thought on “Palin’s Gunsights on Gabrielle Giffords and Others

  1. Carol Rankin

    I hope Sara Palin is making arrangements to bring safety to the other 19 people she targeted. Our prayers and hopes go to all those affected by this horrible hatred. Everyone was warning Palin to stop it. But I guess she needed material for her reality show. I wonder if she has enough material for her next reality show. It is shameful how much money she makes from her remakrs.

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