Big Price Tag for Elites at Davos Forum


World Economic ForumNew Orleans The World Economic Forum is a non-profit (supposedly) gathering ground in Davos, Switzerland in late for the big whoops to network and presumably plan for our future and their profits.  For years the alternative Forum, the World Social Forum met first in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and then in different countries to try and create space for the rest of us to meet, strategize, and network.

It goes without saying that Davos is clearly a venue for big business and the elites, but it wasn’t until reading the research Andrew Ross Sorkin published in his Dealbook column in the New York Times, that the financial price tag of such elitism became truly clear to me.  Thanks to Sorkin, here is the running tab, just to get in various doors at Davos.  It goes without saying that it also cost a pretty penny for airfare, a roof over your head, and something warm in the way of victuals for the rich and well born to push away their own hunger and starvation.

Here we go:

  • First, you have to be invited, so god knows who you had to grease to get that far!
  • Basic membership in World Economic Forum:  $52000
  • Ticket to Davos itself:  $19000

o   $71000 so far on the economy package

  • Industry Associate for private sessions:  $137000

o   With ticket = $156000

  • Industry Partner allows you to bring 2 people:  $263000

o   With 2 tickets = $301000

  • Strategic Partner allows you to bring 5 people:  $527000

o   With 5 tickets = $622000

Get the picture?

Oh, and affirmative action is coming to the elite.  This year if you are bringing 5 people, Sorkin reports that they are requiring one of them has to be a woman.  Who said in the 21st century that times are not changing?


How could we possibly allow public officials to ever attend such a boondoggle?    How embarrassing for people like Angelina Jolie and Bono to have to go to beg for money?

A World Economic Forum built on this foundation would only guarantee the kind of Great Recession the rest of us are NOT enjoying around the world.

Big business and the rich need to book themselves another play date.  This one must die.