“Gradually Organizing Everything” in La Matanza Buenos Aires

Ideas and Issues

New York City There’s an indescribable joy that comesAsentamiento from organizing successfully and the first time it hits you is a thrill you chase the rest of your life. I can’t not share this.

A new organizer in Buenos Aires working in the mega-slum of La Matanza (the Massacre) in the province sent me an email on Monday reporting on her work on Sunday in the community. Her name is Yadira Micolta Victoria. She uses Google Translate to help her move her reports into an English for me coupled with what she knows of the language.

If you ever are asked, “Why do people organize?” here’s a pretty good look at the answer:

On Sunday, January 30, 2011 21:25 CST, yadira micolta victoria wrote:

> Hi Wade,
> Today we did 10 members to the organization. EL’sábado will the first
> meeting with the community, that day will tell us what the problems in
> it. Today
> we talk with them and liked the idea of belonging to the group, was
> wonderful. We went to Celine.
> On Tuesday I will be interviewing 2 girls who want to volunteer.
> So far everything is going well, you step on Saturday photos, because we do
> not carry the camera today.

2011/1/31 Wade Rathke <chieforganizer@acorninternational.org>

great report!!  first members are always exciting and the volunteers could be a big help to all of us!


On Monday, January 31, 2011 10:11 CST, yadira micolta victoria wrote:

> if the truth was very exciting. He and they’ve had a lot of guys who want to

> volunteer, others wrote me today to volunteer, we will gradually organizing

> everything.


> I’m happy.

No one could say it better. She speaks for all of us: “gradually organizing everything…I’m happy!”