Roberts to Obama: Don’t Enforce Laws You Don’t Like!

National Politics

Little Rock  Reading the reports of the arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court on the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was bizarre for an array of reasons, but one exchange initiated by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was amazing and to my lights an open invitation to President Barack Obama in the executive branch to defy virtually any law at will that the President thought might be unconstitutional.  WTF?!?

According to the New York Times:

“He [Chief Justice Roberts] expressed irritation that the case was before the court, saying President Obama’s approach – to enforce the law but not defend it – was a contradiction.  ‘I don’t see why he doesn’t have the courage of his convictions,’ the chief justice said.  He said Mr. Obama should have stopped enforcing a statute that he viewed as unconstitutional’ rather than saying, ‘Oh, we’ll wait till the Supreme Court tells us we have no choice.’”  The White House too umbrage at the remark and said the president was upholding his constitutional duty to execute the laws until the Supreme Court rules otherwise.”

Wow!  Was the uber-conservative Chief Justice Roberts really issuing carte blanc to the President to go wild in the streets and refuse to enforce the law?!?  This is a fella who doesn’t won’t to break a sweat on his day job!  The old “separation of powers” thing, who cares, says the Chief Justice, “Be a man, Barack, do you thing, and we’ll clean up the mess later, if anyone notices or cares.”  Furthermore, “Oh, that little oath thing I administered to you a couple of months ago…now you see why I messed it up the first time around, what does that stuff mean anyway?  Boring!”  We now have an anarchist for Chief Justice.  Depending on who might be president, it’s like a dream come true or a least a new reality show, “Pick a Law, Break a Law!”

Here’s one.  This whole deportation thing is totally out of control.  Obama has been on steroids pushing potential undocumented workers and their families out of the country even as various Senators are reporting an immigration reform bill that they say is 90% finished.  We could all make a long list.

Something as crazy as DOMA, must just bring out the loco in everyone who has to deal with it, and now the bug seems to have bitten the boss, Chief Justice Roberts of the Supremes.  Who knows what might happen in DC next?!?