O’Keefe Proves He Has Learned Nothing: Attacks Ex-US Attorney

Jim Letten
Jim Letten

New Orleans  Here’s a Ripley’s “believe it or not” situation on an incredible incident that slipped by me and most of the rest of the country, but still is so unbelievable, it is worth everyone making a note on your list of things you can’t believe anyone would ever be stupid enough to do, but by god they did it anyway.  You guessed it; we’re talking about James O’Keefe again, the video scammer, best known for his unprincipled attack on ACORN and his stupid arrest while monkeying around with the telephones in Louisiana U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu’s New Orleans office in the U.S. Federal Building.  He got away with the first though he’s had to pay off some of his victims, but he did 3-years probation, mainly held in a place in New Jersey, which he now refers to as “1210 days of unjust government surveillance and oppression.”   Needless to say, this is one criminal dude who has not been rehabilitated.

            Nonetheless now that he is free, he seems to have set out to prove how little he’s learned from his experience.   In July with a band of buddies, he showed up at the suburban home of Jim Letten, former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Louisiana, and knocked on the door and harassed his wife trying to give her copy of his latest self-promotional tract.  He claimed later that he was looking for Letten to “speak with the man that prosecuted him ‘for a crime that he did not commit.’”  Of course in typical fashion, O’Keefe seems to have forgotten three things:  first, that they caught him red-handed, secondly, that he copped a plea confessing so he wouldn’t do time, and, thirdly, that Letten had recused himself from O’Keefe’s case because one of his co-conspirators was the son of another U.S. Attorney from the Western District of Louisiana. 

            According to the Baton Rouge Advocate, once O’Keefe and his buddies were rebuffed by Letten’s wife, he then rolled over to Tulane University where Letten works now, and where Letten had the campus cops and a host of others waiting for him so they could promptly usher him off campus.  O’Keefe claimed that he was hoping to put his latest prank on Glenn Beck’s cable and internet streaming network, TheBlaze, but so far it seems this has been another childish stunt that fell apart for O’Keefe.  When even Glenn Beck has better judgment than to use your crazy stuff, you would think you would get the message.

            There’s no question, O’Keefe is a dangerous dude with no moral compass and an addiction to leading his own parade no matter how stupid the stunts, but luckily his irrelevance is showing, and it seems no one is buying his act anymore.   When you are too wrong to even delight the right, you’re out of business, dude, especially when you learn no lessons from life and work. 

Or, at least we hope that is the case.