Community Radio in Uganda

Ideas and Issues

            Kampala         Writing about community radio in Uganda could be very short, even if not sweet, story:  there is none!             At least, there is none in the way we might recognize such a concept in the US or even in African countries.  Kenya has a fledgling network of small community radio stations in twenty-two different areas around the country, …

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Are Water Cartels Allowed by the City to Fleece the Poor in Nairobi Slums?

Ideas and Issues Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple PodcastsNairobi       Visiting with ACORN organizers and members in Korogocho, we kept hearing stories about water cartels, as they were termed, fleecing the poor with higher water charges.  The story was confusing.  Were these private operators that were allowed to use a vital public service in order to exploit slumdwellers …

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