The Future of Newspapers is…an iPad

Ideas and Issues

Little Rock    When you think of innovation, you might think of California and Silicon Valley, but you’re not likely to think, hey, Arkansas!  Well, who knows if this will work, but the statewide newspaper, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, has announced that, lo and behold, it is going 100% digital by next year, yes, 2020!  You want …

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When is “Entering Real Property Under False Pretenses with Intent to Commit a Felony” Not a Break-In? Answer: When James O’Keefe Cops a Plea and Then Whines About It!


New Orleans     Oh, mercy, I’ve done it now.  I’ve hurt the far-right wing video scammer, James O’Keefe’s feelings. I used the common catch-all description “break-in” for O’Keefe and his crew’s escapade when they were caught infiltrating the Hale Boggs Federal Building in New Orleans with plans to tamper with the phone system in Louisiana Senator …

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