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Obama Alienation and Fatigue

Webredobanner_700Newark Slushy snow was coming down as we hit the Unitarian Church in Montclair and my host, John Atlas wasn’t sure there would be anyone but us there to talk about Citizen Wealth, ACORN, and the state of the country today this afternoon.  The event, jointly sponsored by Shelterforce magazine and Blue Wave New Jersey, was wonderful with over 40 people weathering the storm and heating up the room with great discussion.

When question period began, Bob Russo, former Mayor of Montclair, started it rolling by reminding me how much a small town mayor can still accomplish, since I make the case for community organizers, but then he got to the point by referencing an article in the TriCityNews about increasing disenchantment with the unfulfilled and damaged promises of Obama and his administration.  I tend to take the answer to what we need to do to mobilize and put more pressure on the administration to enable it to do the right thing, but Mayor Russo had hit a chord that various questioners returned to repeatedly over the hour.  Over and over different people expressed their concern that after a year they had so little to show for their hopes and dreams from Obama, and they could sense it was going to be harder in the days to come.

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