The Tension between Demands and Agreements

Community Organizing Labor Organizing Organizing Social Policy Journal Wade's World

            Marble Falls      Full disclosure isn’t necessary probably, but I’m a sucker for any book and author that takes organizing seriously, especially community or labor organizing.  Working behind the scenes in a small, but committed and hearty subculture, the rewards are incalculable, so the lack of attention to the practice and profession is not …

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Red Amsterdam Nord Trying to Save Their Community

ACORN International Amsterdam Community Organizing Economic Development

            Amsterdam      Sometimes coincidences are surprising and other times, it seems like fate.  Adrien Roux and I had both of these reactions as we walked briskly from the ferry across from the central station in the rain to the offices of Red Amsterdam Nord, the Amsterdam North Network.  We stopped in a grocery store to …

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Fighting Back Against Teaching to the Job

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            New Orleans      In the battleground against privatization of public education at the kindergarten through high school level, the dominance of corporate-infused governmental neoliberalism has made “teaching to the test” the core of the curriculum project.  Talking to Marcy Rein, one of the co-authors of Free City:  The Fight for San Francisco’s City College …

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