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Munich Film Festival for ACORN India

New Orleans Ok, how many times will I ever get to blow this horn – not many probably, so…hey, the ACORN Foundation documentary done by our friend, Parasher has been invited to be shown in the prestigious Munich Film Festival this summer on a special invitation. How about that! The real “slumdogs” are having a day in the sun in Germany.

Here are two articles celebrating the invitation that ran in Mumbai in recent days.

Twin Success
Films on “real life slumdogs” and the Naga struggle by city documentary filmmaker Parasher Baruah to be screened in Munich and Switzerland respectively
By Lekha Menon
Posted On Thursday, May 07, 2009
he camera follows Santosh, Sameer and Salman closely as they navigate through mountains of rubbish to pick up bottles, metal or any other material that can fetch them their next meal.

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