James O’Keefe is Just a Clown Now


New Orleans    I’m tired of hearing anything about James O’Keefe, the discredited video scammer, whose one infamous claim to notoriety was his heavily edited attack on ACORN in 2009 in concert with conservative pundits and Congressional representatives. Luckily, I’m now in the vast majority as one escapade after another further exposes him as nothing more …

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Marking Time for O’Keefe, ACORN, and the Crazies of Congress

ACORN ACORN International Organizing

New Orleans   Almost three years since the ACORN board and staff at that time pulled the plug on the organization and spread to the four corners of the country, it was suddenly another “ACORN week” in many ways in some weird coincidence of the calendar.               James O’Keefe, III, the criminal videographer who recently had …

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