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Kansas’ Kris Kobach is Evil and Nothing is Stopping Him

April 25, 2012 - Washington, District of Columbia, U.S. - Kansas Secretary of State KRIS W. KOBACH speaks to the media outside of the Supreme Court on Wednesday after the Court heard arguments on Arizona's controversial immigration law. Kobach played a significant role in the drafting of the law known as Arizona Senate Bill 1070 which seeks to crack down on illegal immigration. (Credit Image: © Pete Marovich/ZUMAPRESS.com)

– Kansas Secretary of State KRIS W. KOBACH

Grenoble   There’s a civil war happening in Kansas and the people are losing. Even worse it continues to also be a cancer spreading virally wherever it is not blocked in other states and nationally. The main carrier of this plague against democracy is Kris Kobach, the elected Secretary of State of Kansas, which gives him a small platform for his real work as the primary architect and author of hate speech couched as legislative acts around immigration, voting, marriage and other hard right issues. The truth is that Kris Kobach is evil, and my fear is that nothing is stopping him.

I’ve been on the Kobach Watch for years back to his early political races some years ago. He caught my attention when he was making speeches around the state of Kansas in his successful 2010 election calling for the people of Kansas to vote for him in order to prevent “ACORN from stealing elections” in the state. All’s fair in love, war, and I guess in Kobach’s view, politics, but I knew, as surely as Kobach knew at the time, that ACORN had no offices, staff or – to my knowledge – members in Kansas at the time, so Kobach’s campaign was constructed on a complete fabrication and was little more than an exercise in total demagoguery. Call me old fashioned now in the Age of Trump, but I see that as wrong.

I take some pleasure in the fact that the New York Times has noted that his zealotry has interfered with the federal administration of elections where a Kansan has tried to subvert the elections board in order to suppress votes at Kobach’s bidding. They didn’t name him out though, although they have now in editorials about his recalcitrance in blocking 17,000 voters based on extreme voter ID requirements. These voters can be counted in federal elections, but as Secretary of State despite losing all lower and higher court decisions, Kobach has ordered election officials not to count their local and state ballots to simply steal votes away. The Kansas City Star has called for him to lose the unique prosecutorial power he wrested from the state legislature as the only secretary of state in the country that can go to court over so-called voting fraud. In their words: “But now Kobach has been exposed as a big fraud on the issue of voter fraud, which studies have found to be almost nonexistent in America.” In another story, the Star wrote that Kobach’s voter cases had “exposed the incompetence of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach at home and his standing as a national embarrassment as a public official.” The Star couldn’t help but note that the Daily Kos had found that on the Secretary of State’s website, he gave different instructions in English than Spanish and gave incorrect information in Spanish to misdirect their votes.

And, believe it or not, this almost pales compared to his work opposing immigration where he serves as general counsel for a national hater group. Who wrote the notorious and unconstitutional Arizona immigrant profiling act? Kris Kobach that’s who. Who wrote the even worse anti-immigrant act in Alabama? Kris Kobach that’s who! Who was involved in dirty tricks in the effort to re-elect the Republican Senator from Kansas? Yes, of course Kris Kobach as well as fines for mishandling money as party chair in Kansas and contributions problems in all of this campaigns.

You don’t want to check Wikipedia on this dude. Under immigration it’s one hateful lawsuit after another targeting immigrants.

Kobach has also litigated several lawsuits defending cities and states that adopt laws to discourage illegal immigration. He served as lead lawyer defending the city of Valley Park, Missouri in a federal case concerning an ordinance that sanctioned employers who hire unauthorized aliens. The ordinance was upheld by Missouri federal judge E. Richard Webber on January 31, 2008 (Gray v. Valley Park, 2008 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 7238).[3][9] The ACLU, representing the plaintiff, appealed the case to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. Kobach prevailed in the appeal, and the Court allowed the Valley Park ordinance to stand (Gray v. Valley Park, 567 F.3d 976 (8th Cir. 2009)).

Kobach is also the lead attorney defending the city of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, whose anti-illegal immigration ordinances had been struck down by a federal judge in Pennsylvania and again before the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.[10] In June 2011, the U.S. Supreme Court vacated the Third Circuit’s decision and remanded the case back to the Third Circuit for reconsideration. Sup. Ct. No 10-722. In July 2013, the Third Circuit concluded again that both the employment and housing provisions of the Hazleton ordinances are pre-empted by federal immigration law.

He is currently involved with another lawsuit, involving a Farmers Branch, Texas ordinance that prevents landlords from renting to illegal immigrants.[3] That case is on appeal before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. It was originally heard by a three judge panel, then the Fifth Circuit granted rehearing en banc before the entire Court. Case No. 10-10751.

Read ‘em, and weep.

So of course he was out early for Trump and calling for military across the border. And, not surprisingly, he has infected the national Republican platform and pushed it even farther right.

The court system is just a blunt weapon for attacks by Kobach, and he has no interest in the rule of law that underpins the court, only whether or not he can weaponized the system. Kobach is such an ideologue that he believes he is above the law and the people. He’s a shining example of what’s wrong with Kansas, but now he’s a national scourge and the enemy of democracy everywhere. He plays by no rules other than the ones he makes, and he tries to twist all the rules that matter.

What does it take to stop Kobach?


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The Case of the “Casual Registrant” Being Blocked from Voting

998239_10151907246868646_2144718912_nLos Angeles  President Obama’s quote on the governmental shutdown saying essentially that it “would be funny, if it weren’t so crazy,” comes to mind again with the latest bulletin on the anti-democratic rants of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, also famous as the legal creator of various voter suppression and anti-immigrant measures like those famous in Arizona.  I first came to the Kobach-watch when he was declared in a press conference in Salina, Kansas and subsequently throughout the state as he waged continuous hater-ation that he was running for office in order to stop ACORN from voter registration chicanery and election chaos, even as I knew, and he must have known, that ACORN had no active operations in the fine state of Kansas.

In Kansas, his career seems founded on not only that falsehood but a string of others as well.   Unable to find ACORN behind his woodshed, according to the Times, he now seems to have invented “a bus full of individuals believed to be aliens” that somehow upended a county ballot measure 16 years ago and a 2010 election he claims was hijacked by “50 votes illegally cast by citizens of Somalia.”   It simply takes the breath away!

But aside from the pure, unproven fabrications that fuel his politics of hate, his anti-democratic rationales for why Kansas should be able to blatantly suppress or “suspend” potential voters so that they are not allowed to cast ballots is even more outrageous.   In 2013, 17,000 Kansans, more than one-third of those who have registered are on a “suspense list” because they failed to have with them some form of citizenship document, not required for federal elections, but essentially of Kansas own invention.   Are these just more Somalian terrorists or Mexican drogas?   No, “state officials have acknowledged that a majority of those on the list may be there because of confusion over conflicting state requirements.”   Just some confusion, ma’am, but nothing they seem able to solve.

Is this a problem?   Not for Secretary of State Kobach!   You know why?   According to Kobach these were “mostly casual registrants, many of whom do not intend to vote.”    The shocking and transparent arrogance and deceit in that sentence is an indictment of this whole gang of ballot busters.   What in the world might a “casual registrant” be?  An American who just stumbled by a polling place?   Someone who found a registration form lying about and blowing in the wind? And, even if we can’t know them well, how can Kobach know that they “do not intend to vote.”   He can only know that because this is a self-fulfilling prophesy.  Many “do not intend to vote,” because Kobach and his antics along with his radical acolytes around the country are all about keeping them from voting.

There ought to be laws to stop people like Kobach.   In fact there are.  There’s no place for this in America.  How can anyone allow this kind of behavior to continue?   Even in Kansas.