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ACORN’s Bankruptcy: Not Debts, Cash Flow

ACORN New Orleans Having been out of the loop for over 2 years, I thought it was my duty to read through the various bankruptcy filings made by ACORN and six of its associated outfits, including the notorious Citizens Consulting, Inc. (CCI), which so enthralled the right in order to really understand the deeper “why” behind the bankruptcies.  The conservative chorus and blogosphere had been less than edifying on this issue, so I wended my way through the PACER registration that allows lawyers and folks like me to access court filings, found my way to the eastern district of New York bankruptcy court in Brooklyn and for 8 cents per page for the first 30 pages, downloaded the whole package.

I was mainly struck by the pure and simple banality of bankruptcy.  The page after page listings of $20 owed here to UPS and another 30 there to Verizon and the office supply store in New Orleans and the advance unpaid to Neighborhood House in Columbus and the rent left owing in Fresno.  In the main this was all small potatoes.

The big ticket items were mostly debts incurred as the crises engulfed ACORN and

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