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Lou Dobbs: Meet Me in Phoenix

dobbs-louNew Orleans Here’s another good reason to celebrate this Thanksgiving:  Lou Dobbs, immigrant hater-in-chief, claims he’s having a conversion experience.  Now that he’s been bought and busted out of CNN, he was spinning in The Wall Street Journal and rapping to on an interview with Telemundo that he now believes there are “some” reasons justifying legalization for undocumented immigrants.  He claims he’s now a friend “number one” for Latinos.  Now someone beside the young will understand what a “frienemy” really is!

Of course if you really listen to the Telemundo interview on YouTube, which I did thanks to the prompting of a friend, you will find that the Lou-leopard has really not changed his spots all that much.  This must be conversion-lite?  Perhaps one of the best examples occurs when Dobbs is talking about his buddy, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the notorious and infamous jail keeper of Maricopa County.

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