Lou Dobbs: Meet Me in Phoenix

ACORN Immigration Reform

dobbs-louNew Orleans Here’s another good reason to celebrate this Thanksgiving:  Lou Dobbs, immigrant hater-in-chief, claims he’s having a conversion experience.  Now that he’s been bought and busted out of CNN, he was spinning in The Wall Street Journal and rapping to on an interview with Telemundo that he now believes there are “some” reasons justifying legalization for undocumented immigrants.  He claims he’s now a friend “number one” for Latinos.  Now someone beside the young will understand what a “frienemy” really is!

Of course if you really listen to the Telemundo interview on YouTube, which I did thanks to the prompting of a friend, you will find that the Lou-leopard has really not changed his spots all that much.  This must be conversion-lite?  Perhaps one of the best examples occurs when Dobbs is talking about his buddy, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the notorious and infamous jail keeper of Maricopa County.

On Telemundo Dobbs had this weird “defense” of Sheriff Joe having “lost” his 287g Homeland Security money due to his ongoing racial profiling and community terrorism because he was victimized by…yes, you guessed it:  ACORN!  Of course Sheriff Joe still has Homeland Security money from ex-Arizona Governor and now DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, he just doesn’t have quite as much.  And, of course Sheriff Joe lost what bit he lost because he wasn’t really out looking for these immigrant “criminals” that Dobbs still wants to pretend are the vast majority of the 12 million undocumented workers in the USA.  To me it sounds a little bit like Dobbs is simply moving his position a couple of degrees without changing any of his hateration.  Now does he want us to believe his spiel will be he’s a friend of the immigrant, he just hates criminals, so it’s too bad that all immigrants are criminals.  Is this where he’s going?

There’s a good way to clear this up.  There is a huge call for a rally and march in Phoenix on January 16th to force Arpaio to finally get right.  The demand will once again be for Arpaio to stop the terrorism of Maricopa County communities and his immigrant bashing and baiting.  The demand will also be to cease the abuses of the 287g program and to end the program since Arpaio is the poster boy for its unparalleled and unrestrained abuses.  March with us in Phoenix, Lou!  Stand up or shut up!

In fact I’m going to lobby right now for the organizers of the January 16th March to formally invite Lou Dobbs to speak to the rally and clarify his position about immigrants.  Standing with immigrants means standing against abuse.

Lou Dobbs, it’s time to man up for immigrants.  You want anyone to believe you?  Meet us in Phoenix and prove you not all talk, but are at least about a little bit of action – and justice for immigrants.