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Baucus Bummer Bill

baucusNew Orleans Another reason it was good to be in Canada last week, is that I heard everyone’s views on Canadian healthcare, while missing a lot about the new bill being rolled out to almost no applause by Senator Baucus of Montana.

The kindest thing people seem willing to say is that the bill doesn’t really pass as comprehensive health care reform at all, nor does it seem to pretend to be.  It’s a head scratcher to try and understand why the White House seems to be pushing this sack of stuff down the legislative highway?

It seems only yesterday that President Obama was speaking to both Houses of Congress and I swear I heard him say that there needed to be a so-called “public option.”  Such an option doesn’t exist in this bill by any stretch of the imagination.  And, it goes without saying that immigrants are invisible in this bill as they are supposed to be in our society (though surely not in our economy!).

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