Justice Delayed, Justice Denied: Katrina and MR-GO

Barges filled with rock are anchored in the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet near Bayou La Loutre on Jan. 30, 2009, ready to start blocking the waterway off from the Gulf of Mexico. The work has since been completed, shutting down the channel.

New Orleans        Almost a decade ago, the first reaction after Hurricane Katrina veered […]

The Routinization of Charisma

New Orleans          Rev. Jesse Jackson spoke at the funeral.  Al Sharpton says he’s on his way to visit.  The Mayor, an African-American woman commented about herself, the newly elected prosecutor for Baltimore, also an African-American woman, and the newly confirmed first-ever African-American Attorney-General in the United States, that in so many words if we can’t […]

Search Engines and Social Media Step Up for Disasters

New Orleans     It’s hard to find any good news in disasters.  The Nepal earthquake has already counted more than 4000 deaths with countless homeless and crises abounding will leave that country in recovery for years, particularly in Katmandu.  India and Chinese rescue teams were first on the scene and many are joining, though slowly it […]

Philanthropies as Government Shadows

New Orleans       Whoa!  You just know it’s getting hard out there when you find yourself nodding your head in some agreement with a senior fellow of the hardcore conservative Manhattan Institute, which over the years has been in the first ranks of community organizing attackers and ACORN-baiters.  There it was though, a Wall Street Journal […]

Beat Goes on with Action NC

 Charlotte     Pat McCoy, the executive director of Action NC, and I visited with a class of students at Charlotte School of Law who were trying to learn the often delicate dance required of partnering with community organizations, offering stories and advice, even if perhaps not helpfully in some cases.  More fruitfully, we talked about campaigns […]

Waffle House, Roadie, and, Hey, Organizer, Are You Going My Way?

New Orleans         I’m not an Uber-fan.  Cabdrivers have a rough road to travel and city regulations protect their safety and the passengers, so what Uber calls “disruption,” looks a lot like another corporate scam on workers and their communities.  On the other hand, I’m no fool.  And, when it looked impossible to catch a cab […]