Year End Meeting Highlights: Bengaluru, Checklists, and Campaigns

New Orleans               Ten organizations from the US and Canada in our family of community organizations, labor unions, media operations, and social enterprises came together as we do every year in a Year End / Year Begin Meeting to evaluate the work of the past year and plan for the current year.  Beside the people meeting [...]

Attacks on Fair Housing and Affordable Housing Demands

New Orleans    Talking on “Wade’s World” on KABF with George Washington University sociology professor and frequent author, Gregory Squires, about his recent piece in Social Policy on the impact of the Occupy movement, he underlined his concern that the “disparate impact” theory is under review in the term of the US Supreme Court and the [...]

An ACORN Memorial Orchard on the ACORN Farm

AIDS Grove in San Francisco

New Orleans      Lady Bird Johnson gets a lot of credit for the Lyndon Baines Johnson Memorial Grove filled with a variety of trees along the Potomac River in Washington, D. C.  There’s the AIDS Grove, a memorial to more than 1000 in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.  More than [...]

Good Karma Points

New Orleans     A robber with a long beard was so brazen in the New Orleans French Quarter that he simply walked into the gallery and walked out with a painting valued at $250,000 by the late Cajun painter, George Rodrigue, famous for his Blue Dog works.  The next night a band, Stereo Fire Empire, leaving [...]

My Brother, Dale

New Orleans       Telling my mother the news about my brother, Dale, waited for my return to the city, so now every day, she and I reestablish the facts of the matter, reconfirming his passing.  Somehow this seems so metaphorically appropriate for Dale, he is both there, and not there, both known, and unknown, both voluble, witty, [...]

Leveraging Elections for Change

London      The ACORN London organizers working in East Brixton thought they would try to see what might happen with a combination training workshop and fundraiser. The topic they settled on, given that elections are on people’s minds for both 2015 and 2016, were how community-based groups could use the opportunities they present for accountability to [...]