The Limits and Pitfalls of Google’s Search Engine

New Orleans      It’s true that none of us seem to be able to live without Google.  There are other search engines, and for one reason or another many of us dip our toe in and still find later, despite our misgivings, that we are still using Google mail even knowing they keep everything forever and share with [...]

Suppressing the Vote and Keeping in Simple in Arkansas

Dallas         The Republican voter suppression efforts around the United States are such a yo-yo between legislatures, courts, and more courts that god only knows how much the voters in many of these states will be confused as they go to the polls in November or, as likely, as they stay home, [...]

Voter Suppression Spreading to the United Kingdom

New Orleans      There’s a new virus spreading. This time it’s not Ebola or something from the Middle East or Africa, but the pernicious attacks on democracy through voter suppression now leaping from the United States to United Kingdom.

Not surprisingly, it starts easily enough with some seemingly small tweaks in voter registration. In the [...]

ACORN London Calling in Brixton!

London     I’ve now been to hundreds and hundreds of first meetings of ACORN groups in cities, both new and old, around the world, and they never fail to be thrilling in the exciting, dangerous, head thumping, nerve wracking way that all intense new experiences with people always are. The first meeting of ACORN London in [...]

A Crash Course in the World of Economic Campaigning, UK Style

London      I was curious about what’s happening in organizing in the United Kingdom, so the ace organizers for ACORN in London, Jonny Butcher and Lee Baker, made a cold call to the New Economic Foundation, and, more specifically, George Woods, whose title is a senior campaigns organizer who helps coordinate their organizers network, known as [...]

Criminalizing Immigration in Modern Society

New Orleans      Meeting with Suyapa Amador and Erlyn Perez, ACORN International’s key organizers in Honduras in San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa recently in Nicaragua, it became clear that we were making progress in winning more security for our neighborhoods, including several important commitment from the First Lady focusing on jobs as well as protection, but [...]