Father Rob Currie in Arenal, Nicaragua Has Organized in the “Vineyards”

Managua          Mike Gallagher, veteran organizer and longtime friend and comrade, told me after his stay in Nicaragua earlier this year that Bob Currie was worth a visit. On the calendar for the Organizers’ Forum I had marked “small village case study.” I’m not sure if Father Currie had suggested that topic [...]

The Long, Stubborn Fight with Universities over Coal, Oil, and Gas Divestment

May 2014 A group of prominent Harvard alumni were led out of a reunion ceremony by police on Friday when they unveiled a large banner calling on President Drew Faust to consider reinvesting the school’s stakes in fossil fuel companies that they say contribute to climate change and other environmental impacts. Photo Credit: Divest [...]

Celebrating 30 Years On-the-Air with KABF 88.3 FM

Little Rock       There’s nothing easy about keeping a 100,000 watt community radio station on-the-air and true to its mission any day of the week but to have it happen for 30 years in Little Rock since August 29, 1984, well, as the song says, “that’s something to be proud of!”  And, proud and happy we [...]

Internet Monopolies Walls are Going to Tumble

Telus better pack it up or get right!

Dallas     At the ACORN Canada staff training and then the management meeting in Montreal, we spent a LOT of time assessing and strategizing about our next steps on our Digital Access to Opportunities campaign which, plainly stated, continues to be our effort to build bridges for lower income [...]

Republicans on ACORN: Haters Gonna Hate!

Montreal         A Washington Post blog was hard for me to ignore. Philip Bump was amazed to find that when he charted the data on the top dozen Republican attack themes during the Obama Administration that ACORN stood out so loud and proud, practically dominating in 2009 and 2010, but carrying over as a major target [...]

Elite Colleges Perpetuating Educational Segregation and Income Inequality

Houston           All of the evidence on income stratification in higher education indicates that elite colleges and universities continue to play a major role in accelerating inequality as cherished ghettos of the rich and guardians of society’s inside track.  It should come as no surprise that they are undoubtedly the least able to heal themselves [...]