Doorknocking is Scaring People Around the World

Dallas          I was teamed up with Maude Hurd, an ACORN leader from Boston and teaching my 4-year old daughter to door knock in 1988 at a stop along the route in Mitchellville, Arkansas during ACORN’s Caravan for Justice to increase voter participation when Rev. Jesse Jackson was running for President. We made up a little [...]

Ralph Nader’s Convergence, Billionaires, and Participation Nonprofits

Kiln       Ralph Nader understood a huge amount about building self-sufficient operations.  His original public interest projects were financed by the settlement he won from General Motors and his book, Unsafe at Any Speed.  The Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs) established in numerous large publicly funded universities shrewdly created capacity for consumer advocacy by winning [...]

Reading the Chief Organizer Reports in Tehran and Around the World

Chicago     A little more than a decade ago, Azar Nafisi, an Iranian professor, author, and now ex-patriot, wrote a very enjoyable book called Reading Lolita in Tehran:  A Memoir in Books.  It was a memoir obviously so it was about her own experiences before, during and after the revolution and what it was like to [...]

Feeling the Love, Outrunning the Haters

New Orleans    Getting ready to roll for the airport and back to the UK to train organizers at something called Action Camp 2014 happening at a conference center near Birmingham run by a nonprofit called Locality that facilitates Prime Minister David Cameron’s Big Society initiative of putting 500 community organizers all across England.  That should be [...]

Forty-four Years and Some of the Campaigns Still Stay the Same

One of the latest additions to the family, ACORN Scotland.

New Orleans    June 18, 1970 is on ACORN Canada and ACORN International calendars everywhere as Founder’s Day if you will.  The day I drove into Little Rock from Boston via New Orleans to begin organizing ACORN.  When you work every day to build something, one [...]

Protecting Bristol Bay and Putting Musicians in the Mix

Little Rock    Outside of Alaska the people who immediately know where Bristol Bay is located are preparing to compete on the “Jeopardy” television show or a National Geographic Society geo-quiz thing, but thanks to a building campaign we might all need to start learning the location.  And, no, it’s not in England or just a [...]