Vancouver Rent Bank

Gatineau, Canada       There may have been snow on the ground and freezing temperatures, but the ACORN Canada staff’s spring planning and training meeting was in full bloom in Gatineau, Quebec, the sister city across the river from Ottawa, Ontario.  Several of the ACORN British Columbia organizers in their reports to start the sessions mentioned in […]

Getting a Low Power FM Radio License in New Orleans

Ottawa     Over the years with an army of volunteers from supporters to DJs to radio engineers with gentle spirits, hard heads, and generous souls, working with AM/FM, the Affiliated Media Foundation Movement, we’ve put big radio stations on the air first in Tampa (WMNF), then revived and put one back on the air in Dallas (KNON, […]

Tax Preparers Refund Anticipation Loans are Out of Control – Again!

New Orleans         After years of campaigns by ACORN and agreements with the major tax preparers, H&R Block, Jackson-Hewitt, and Liberty Tax Services, to rein in the abuses and predatory pricing of “refund anticipation loans” or RALs, as they are known in the industry, it appears that the rats will play “while the cat is away.”  […]

Winning the “War of Attrition” Against Coal-Fired Power Plants

New York City      The first day of the annual Energy Finance conference convened in New York University’s Law School buildings on Washington Square by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis was – believe it or not – fascinating.  Not only did I get to catch up with Daniele Pommes and his No Al […]

Bristol Wins First Agreement for Improved Rental Standards

New Orleans       Catching up on Skype this week, it was great to hear the progress ACORN Bristol had made in the United Kingdom in advancing the campaign to win what they call an Ethical Letting Charter or a model set of standards for landlords and tenants.  The campaign has been developing for months as […]

Smaller Units, Common Spaces, Affordable Land, and Housing

New Orleans         Recently we had one of those magical moments of organizational synergy when a new member working at the Gulf Coast head start facilities where we have a contract, signed up with Local 100 and her address indicated that she lived on Texas ACORN Street.  We were excited because those streets in ACORN Glen, […]