Arkansas at the Bottom of the Barrel for Tenants

New Orleans        Reading the press release from the Arkansas Legal Services Partnership, there was no doubt that a significant victory for tenants had finally been won.  Arkansas had long been the only state that still criminalized evictions for tenants.In other words you could be evicted by the landlord filing criminal charges on you for not [...]

Banking at the Post Office

Japan Post Bank  ATM at Japan Post

New Orleans      I’ve been on the post office bandwagon for some time as a solution for reducing the impact of predatory lending, check cashing, and money transfers or remittances.  It seems in the effort to protect jobs, the American Postal Workers Union may be planning to take just [...]

A Victory for the Poor is Still Possible At Least in British Columbia

New Orleans        There are no good times to be poor, but these are especially hard times given persistent inequality and distorted public policies that throw a couple of nickels towards lower income families while opening the gateway to millions for those with big money.  All of which makes the ACORN victory in what might have seemed [...]

Representative Bob Goodlatte Searching for ACORN behind the Woodpile

Judiciary Committee

New Orleans      The House directory may say that Bob Goodlatte is the elected Representative from Virginia and now, thanks to the drift of time and the Republican seizure of control of the Congress, he is also Chair of the Judiciary Committee.  Regardless of what the directory says though, Goodlatte is quickly proving he [...]

Mutual Aid for the Rest of Us

A black and white photo taken in 1940 of a Coca Cola employees dinner at the Marti Maceo Club, Ybor City’s Afro-Cuban Mutual Aid Society.

New Orleans       Maybe it’s because it’s the season? Not winter, but the season in the sense that “for every time there is a season,” as the psalm records. In this [...]

Year End Meeting Highlights: Bengaluru, Checklists, and Campaigns

New Orleans               Ten organizations from the US and Canada in our family of community organizations, labor unions, media operations, and social enterprises came together as we do every year in a Year End / Year Begin Meeting to evaluate the work of the past year and plan for the current year.  Beside the people meeting [...]