The “Venmo Line” and Moving Cash More Cheaply

New Orleans     We are making progress on our Remittance Justice Campaign. A federal bill has now been introduced in Canada to cap fees and other costs at 5%. Provincial bills have now been introduced in British Columbia and Ontario. Reports from Honduras indicated that there is movement in Tegucigalpa at capping the fees finally. A […]

Chants, Swag, Cookies, and Raps for ACORN

Pittsburgh     When people who care about something get together in an organization that they also care about, stand back and admire the creativity that starts to blossom.

Of course there’s always ACORN swag which is almost a cottage industry in itself. There can’t be an ACORN convention without a convention t-shirt. I’m pretty sure that’s a […]

Taking the Hard Road to Organizing Sustainability in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh    The words “easy” and “right” are challenging concepts in community organizing, since all of it is hard and in each situation organizations have to make adaptations to find the right ways and means that work in a certain time and space. Nonetheless, inarguably there are some ways forward at a greater degree of difficulty […]

ACORN at Forty-five Years and Counting

Montreal      ACORN celebrates its anniversary or “founding day” every June 18th, the day I drove into Little Rock, Arkansas from New Orleans, Louisiana to begin the work of building the organization. People have often asked me, “did you ever imagine ACORN would get this big when you started” or “would be in this many places” […]

Skype Magic and Mayhem on International Reports

Montreal     Every year, as the ACORN International has its annual staff and leaders meeting for all who can make it, we come to a point we both welcome and fear: video Skype reports from our organizers around the world. In some ways, this annual trial by fire was the best. Only our team in Nairobi, […]

ACORN Demands the Bank of Montreal Stop Predatory Practices

Montreal       As the ACORN members lined up in Victoria Square in the downtown business district of historic Montreal, you could hear their chants for blocks as they cried: “predatory lender, criminal offender.” First, they stopped briefly to deliver a letter demanding that the telcom, Videotron, owned by Quebecor, provide “internet for all” through a low […]