Real Patriotism

ACORN ACORN International Ideas and Issues

            New Orleans      During this year’s US Independence Day, I was in London speaking to ACORN members there and answering questions, following a screening of the The Organizer, about ACORN history among other things.  I was asked whether ACORN, at the national or international level, used patriotism as an organizing tool or principle.  The …

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Speaking Out and Speaking Up!

ACORN ACORN International Canada Community Organizations International

            Montreal         They came up in twos and threes, a team of leaders and fighters from every region of Canada and every ACORN city, big or small.  Some were 18-year veterans of ACORN from Toronto and British Columbia, and some were at their first convention from Montreal, London, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.  All of …

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Reboot ACORN, Hear! Hear!


            New Orleans     Reboot ACORN, hell yes!  I almost didn’t care what the rest of the opinion piece by Jason Linkins in The New Republic might say, because the title alone was tailor made to make my day.  As the classic movie line aptly says, he “had me from Hello!”  My Google Alert for …

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The On-Going Fight Against Lead Poisoning

a community voice ACORN Environment Ideas and Issues

            New Orleans      Mi companera is on one lead-free listserv after another.  A Community Voice, the former Louisiana ACORN, and an affiliate of ACORN International, has been a lead crusader for decades now.  From time to time, they have the resources for major testing programs, and the results are always depressing in New Orleans …

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