More Eyes Join Us on Nonprofit Hospitals’ Lack of Charity Care

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            Marble Falls      For years, we have felt like we were beating a drum that no one hears.  Frankly, when it comes to the refusal of many tax-exempt, nonprofit hospitals to meet the requirements of their estimated $60 billion annual tax benefit to actually offer charity care, it should be a scandal, but seems …

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Shots Firing!  Is it Every Worker for Themselves?

Arkansas Ideas and Issues Local 100 Louisiana Texas

May 28, 2022             Buffalo River      Every Friday our union staff gets together on a group conference call to compare notes, count the numbers, and collaborate on problems in our various offices and units across Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas.  Our most recent call was missing Toney Orr, our field director, so I was presiding.  …

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The Horror

Ideas and Issues National Politics Texas

May 25, 2022             Marble Falls      I’ve driven through Uvalde, Texas.  Uvalde is a nice quiet Texas Hill country town.  I’ve walked around the town square and looked at the statue of John Nance Garner III.  He was a Vice-President under Franklin Delano Roosevelt for eight years from 1933 to 1941 and Speaker of …

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