Pressure on Rising Rents Not Just Landlord Greed

ACORN International Affordability Ideas and Issues

            New Orleans       Listening to ACORN members on their weekly conference calls during the pandemic, one of the hardest balancing acts centered on the rent freeze.  Don’t get me wrong, the rental freeze was a good thing.  People couldn’t work.  There was more month than money.  Tenants were already under pressure across the country …

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Another Strategy to Revive the Faded Dream of Homeownership

ACORN Affordability Financial Justice Housing Investments Memphis Milwaukee

            New Orleans      The US government says that in 2023, through various intermediaries, they will insure mortgages as up to one-million-dollars for the first time.  Wow, that’s a big number, way out of reach for most of our neighborhoods!  In low-and-moderate communities the issues are insuring mortgages, accessing loans, soaring interest rates, stringent deposit …

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More Eyes Join Us on Nonprofit Hospitals’ Lack of Charity Care

ACORN International Affordability Arkansas Hospital Accountability Labor Neighbor Louisiana Non-Profit Texas

            Marble Falls      For years, we have felt like we were beating a drum that no one hears.  Frankly, when it comes to the refusal of many tax-exempt, nonprofit hospitals to meet the requirements of their estimated $60 billion annual tax benefit to actually offer charity care, it should be a scandal, but seems …

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