Backseat Driving on Choice:  The Fight is Never Over

Organizing Rights Supreme Court

May 8, 2022             Pearl River     With the leak of Justice Alito’s preposterous draft brief overturning Roe v. Wade, the commentariat in the news, social media, city streets, and kitchen tables is in full force.  One of the most interesting pieces I have read offered an explanation for this fifty-year rearguard fight to overturn the …

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Dollar General Workers Up the Ante on Starbucks

Ideas and Issues Organizing Unions Workers

            Pearl River     The movement moment of workers standing up to employers to demand their rights, and, in many cases, seek to organize a union to protect and advance those rights in the future, continues to pick up steam.  The evidence continues to mount.  More than 200 petitions have now been filed by Starbucks workers, …

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Fighting Anti-Hijab and Muslim Religious Discrimination

France Organizing Sports

            New Orleans     It’s one thing to try and balance secular claims with religious freedoms, but it’s another to directly discriminate against an entire people for their religion and religious practices.  These are not the normal issues that a grassroots organization of lower income families would choose to tackle.  Organizing 101 would normally nudge …

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