Starbucks Signals a Change in SEIU’s Organizing Strategy

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San Pedro Sula           Workers at three Starbucks stores in the Buffalo area successfully petitioned the NLRB for elections as part of the SEIU’s Service Workers Union.  The company fought ferociously, and it’s a long way from over, but the results of the first elections are now in.  The union won in one store outright by more than 2 …

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Union Lobbyists Might be Better than Organizers

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New Orleans      What’s that old saying?  It’s something like, if you can’t do, then teach.  We may have gotten to the point in the labor movement, where if we can’t seem to organize, then at least we can lobby.  Political work in creating leverage, opportunity, and even it seems, increased membership has long been the go-to Plan B driving …

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