More Hospital Scams Abetted by the Feds

ACORN International Hospital Accountability Labor Neighbor Local 100

            New Orleans       With each news story reaffirming earlier regional reports by ACORN, Local 100 United Labor Unions, and Labor Neighbor, I don’t know how to get around the conclusion that many tax-exempt, supposedly nonprofit hospitals are a sham, little more than wolves in sheep’s clothing, and no better than the low bar set …

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More Eyes Join Us on Nonprofit Hospitals’ Lack of Charity Care

ACORN International Affordability Arkansas Hospital Accountability Labor Neighbor Louisiana Non-Profit Texas

            Marble Falls      For years, we have felt like we were beating a drum that no one hears.  Frankly, when it comes to the refusal of many tax-exempt, nonprofit hospitals to meet the requirements of their estimated $60 billion annual tax benefit to actually offer charity care, it should be a scandal, but seems …

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Purging Voters in the Battleground States

ACORN International Democracy Elections Labor Neighbor Voting

            New Orleans      Since 2019, the Voter Purge Project, a partnership between ACORN International, Labor Neighbor Research & Training Center, and the Ohio Voter Project, have embraced the tedious, but essential, task of processing the pure voter lists produced by election officials around the country and distributed by Secretaries of State.  At this point, …

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