Predatory Practices of Nonprofit Hospitals

ACORN International Financial Justice Health Care Labor Neighbor Local 100 United Labor Unions

            Pearl River     We keep beating this drum, over and over.  Nonprofit, tax-exempt hospitals are supposed to provide charity care to justify the fact that they do not have to pay federal taxes.  This benefit is worth billions for some hospital chains and is always a boon to any nonprofit hospital.  The Affordable Care Act …

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Stacking the Deck on Co-op Governance

ACORN International Electricity Cooperatives Labor Neighbor Local 100

            Marble Falls      We’ve looked at the diversity and governance of rural electric cooperatives closely over the last five or six years.  By we, I mean ACORN International, Labor Neighbor Research & Training Center, and Local 100 United Labor Unions that came together as the Rural Power Project.  It hasn’t been a pretty picture. …

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Rural Electric Co-ops:  Second Verse as Bad as the First

ACORN International Electricity Cooperatives Labor Neighbor Social Policy Journal

  May 4, 2022             New Orleans      I receive the state association newsletters from cooperatives in both Mississippi and Arkansas, along with the rural electric cooperative newsletters and surveys from several local co-ops.  Reading through them allows me to keep up.  I read with special interest Arkansas Living’s March issue focusing on women.  The …

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