Behind the Scenes with Dollar General and Governor Sanders

Dollar Stores KABF Local 100 United Labor Unions

            Pearl River      Recently, I was critical of Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders efforts to try to annex the state of Arkansas to the state of Florida, as a bridge way too far.  I cited her anti-LGBTQ initiatives, her racist education program, and her many copycat hires of Floridians who worked for the current and likely …

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Scamming Hospice Care for Medicare Dollars

ACORN Grift Labor Local 100 Personal Writings United Labor Unions

            Pearl River     Having navigated hospice care for my mother several years ago, I thought I had a fairly good grasp of how it worked and who benefited, but that didn’t quite prepare me for reading “Endgame:  How the Visionary Hospice Movement Became a For-Profit Hustle” in The New Yorker.  As soon as I hit …

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Predatory Practices of Nonprofit Hospitals

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            Pearl River     We keep beating this drum, over and over.  Nonprofit, tax-exempt hospitals are supposed to provide charity care to justify the fact that they do not have to pay federal taxes.  This benefit is worth billions for some hospital chains and is always a boon to any nonprofit hospital.  The Affordable Care Act …

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