“The Poverty Line is Garbage”


            New Orleans      ACORN has often been critical of the United Way and its corporate coziness for contributions supporting band-aid services, rather than real change for lower-income families.  In the early days of the organization in Arkansas, our members even did an action at one of their local fundraising lunches where they voiced demands …

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Eclipse Wildness


            Marble Falls      It’s hard for me to believe, but in Arkansas the sun and moon have driven people crazy across the state.  The solar eclipse is expected here in coming days, but the way everyone is acting, someone passing through would think it was tomorrow. At Walmart #2, the second store opened by …

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Feeding the Volunteer Army

KABF Radio

             Marble Falls      You know it’s going to be a good crowd when the seats start filling up fifteen minutes before the meeting.  We had not called an all-hands radio hosts’ meeting since before the pandemic, so maybe the KABF DJs were ready to see each other and catch up.  More likely, from the …

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