Another Strategy to Revive the Faded Dream of Homeownership

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            New Orleans      The US government says that in 2023, through various intermediaries, they will insure mortgages as up to one-million-dollars for the first time.  Wow, that’s a big number, way out of reach for most of our neighborhoods!  In low-and-moderate communities the issues are insuring mortgages, accessing loans, soaring interest rates, stringent deposit …

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Beware Business on the Ballot:  Marijuana and Lotteries

Ballot Corporations Financial Justice Politics Taxes

            Marble Falls     In nineteen states and the District of Columbia, recreational marijuana has been legalized.  Another five states have the issue on the ballot during the midterms:  Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri, North Dakota and South Dakota.  You’d think that if you added all of that up, it would look like half of the United …

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Predatory Practices of Nonprofit Hospitals

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            Pearl River     We keep beating this drum, over and over.  Nonprofit, tax-exempt hospitals are supposed to provide charity care to justify the fact that they do not have to pay federal taxes.  This benefit is worth billions for some hospital chains and is always a boon to any nonprofit hospital.  The Affordable Care Act …

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