Hospital Pricing Transparency, Not!

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            New Orleans     The weather forecast included both thundershowers and a tornado warning, but when asked if we should go ahead with the often scheduled and postponed press conference to release our study on hospital pricing transparency, the decision was easy:  go!  So, there we were in front of Ochsner-Baptist Hospital, a major unit …

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Sanctions and Crony Capitalism

Financial Justice Ideas and Issues International War

            Carlsbad         There’s a lot of back and forth in the news about whether the sanctions being employed fiercely by the western world as a weapon to pressure Russia over its invasion of Ukraine will work.  The theory would be that sanctions on close associates of Russian leader Putin among the rich oligarchs, military, and …

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There is No Free Labor Market

Financial Justice Ideas and Issues Workers

            New Orleans      Finally, it appears that economists are catching up with the on-the-ground reality when it comes to workers and the factors that push down on their wages.  Arguments that there is a free labor market, universally mobile and propelled by little more than self-interest, have always been specious.  Rationalizations that low wages …

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