Reconnecting Communities

Biden Investments

            Little Rock       Visiting Milwaukee, President Biden beat the drums on a new infrastructure place-based investment that would inject $3.3 billion into 132 communities in 40 states.  The program’s aim supposedly is to reconnect communities that were separated in the 1960s urban renewal and highway construction programs increasing inequity and racial separation in cities across …

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Holding the Hawkers and Hustlers Accountable

Consumer Protection Investments Social Media

New Orleans – Celebrity hawkers for cryptocurrency and nonfungible tokens or NFTs, as they are called, are in a bit of hot water.  Singer Madonna, influencer Kim Kardashian, and NFL quarterback Tom Brady were among those named in civil suits by investors who took a bath on digital assets and are arguing that theses celebrity hustlers …

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Another Strategy to Revive the Faded Dream of Homeownership

ACORN Affordability Financial Justice Housing Investments Memphis Milwaukee

            New Orleans      The US government says that in 2023, through various intermediaries, they will insure mortgages as up to one-million-dollars for the first time.  Wow, that’s a big number, way out of reach for most of our neighborhoods!  In low-and-moderate communities the issues are insuring mortgages, accessing loans, soaring interest rates, stringent deposit …

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