A New Twist in Recall Efforts

Ballot Elections Louisiana Municipalities

            London, Ontario         Initiated referendums and recall petitions were some of the great reforms of the Progressive Era in the United States one-hundred years ago.  In some states and many cities, these reforms have lasted since then, even if rarely used, offering some measure of accountability by citizens to protect themselves from malfeasance or abuse. …

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More Eyes Join Us on Nonprofit Hospitals’ Lack of Charity Care

ACORN International Affordability Arkansas Hospital Accountability Labor Neighbor Louisiana Non-Profit Texas

            Marble Falls      For years, we have felt like we were beating a drum that no one hears.  Frankly, when it comes to the refusal of many tax-exempt, nonprofit hospitals to meet the requirements of their estimated $60 billion annual tax benefit to actually offer charity care, it should be a scandal, but seems …

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Water, Water Everywhere, but is it Safe to Drink?

Disparities Louisiana Wade's World Water

            New Orleans      Louisiana State University Professor Adrienne Katner knows something about water.  In fact, as Director of the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Program at the LSU Health Sciences Center School of Public Health, let’s face it, she knows a whole lot about water, particularly whether it’s safe to drink, and more specifically, …

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