Winning Contraflow

a community voice ACORN Local 100 Louisiana

            Pearl River     For you to understand why House Resolution 127 passed in the recent session of the Louisiana legislature, as submitted by State Representative Matthew Willard, creating the Louisiana Contraflow Task Force is important, you first have to understand what contraflow is and recognize that in a world of potential climate and related disasters, …

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Hospital Pricing Transparency, Not!

a community voice ACORN International Arkansas Financial Justice Health Care Local 100 Louisiana Texas

            New Orleans     The weather forecast included both thundershowers and a tornado warning, but when asked if we should go ahead with the often scheduled and postponed press conference to release our study on hospital pricing transparency, the decision was easy:  go!  So, there we were in front of Ochsner-Baptist Hospital, a major unit …

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The On-Going Fight Against Lead Poisoning

a community voice ACORN Environment Ideas and Issues

            New Orleans      Mi companera is on one lead-free listserv after another.  A Community Voice, the former Louisiana ACORN, and an affiliate of ACORN International, has been a lead crusader for decades now.  From time to time, they have the resources for major testing programs, and the results are always depressing in New Orleans …

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Nonpartisan Redistricting is Still Controversial

a community voice Ideas and Issues New Mexico Voting

              Santa Fe          The electoral map for the midterm elections this November based on the 2020 census is still unsettled and contentious.  The New York Times recently weighted in that despite all of the sound and fury, the national map was still about what and what for each major party with no real difference …

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