We Need a New Universal Salute or Sign

Tommie Smith and John Carlos during the National Anthem. An iconic, wondrous moment of protest during the 1968 Olympics in Mexico when the superstars won the gold and bronze medal in the 200-metre race.

New Orleans     This may be a little be low on your list of important needs for the progressive forces, but regardless [...]

Why Won’t Senator Mary Landrieu Lose with Pride and Dignity?


Senator Mary Landrieu at LSU Game

New Orleans       The last race of the USA’s mid-term elections is winding to a close in Louisiana.  Mary Landrieu has been a US Senator for three terms totaling 18 years.  We have a sign for her in our front yard as do several of our neighbors.  Sometime during Thanksgiving [...]

No Al Carbone

Bari, Italy      Everywhere we look these days the discussion and activity is heating up around the impact of coal and climate change. One of the students at the Scuola di Bollenti Spiriti was Daniele Pomes, who is a key organizer in No Al Carbone, the No Coal campaign in Brindisi, Italy in the Puglia region. [...]

My First Day as a Professor at the Scuola de Bollenti Spiriti – the School of Hot Spirits!

class at Bollenti Spiriti

Taranto   The Scuola de Bollenti Spiriti, which is translated as the School of Hot Spirits, is an unusual name which may strike you as different, but in this case that’s a good thing because it is different and in quite a good way.  The school took applications from all over the state of [...]

ExFadda, a Model Social Enterprise Incubator for Youth in Puglia, Italy

ExFadda, the old winery owned by General Faddas

Taranto, Italy     After flying from New Orleans to Houston to Newark to Munich to Bari, Italy over an 18-hour period, there’s no sense in lying, I was beat up a bit when we coasted into the small airport at Bari along the Adriatic Sea.  Nonetheless, I was intrigued [...]

UAW Reveals the Deal for VW Recognition in Breakthrough

New Orleans    The Chattanooga Choo-Choo is whistling for a big stop at the Detroit headquarters of the United Automobile Workers (UAW). When Glen Miller and his band recorded that song, it was the first million selling record ever and got the first gold record for its popularity. There will soon be a similar celebration at [...]