Time to Stop Comcast Monopoly is Now!

New Orleans       After almost a year and a half of trying to pull the wool over federal regulators and the consumer public, the effort by Comcast to create a predatory monopoly over broadband internet and cable with its proposed merger with Times-Warner seems to finally be coming to a head.   Reportedly, the FCC is now […]

Needing Another Gulf Coast Coal Terminal Like a Hole in the Head

West Coast Coal Terminal

New Orleans        Recently meeting with environmental organizers and researchers at an annual strategy conference in New York City, I heard one report after another about proposed coal terminals on the West Coast that were being abandoned as demand from China decreases and its own growing environmental awareness around climate increases.  The […]

Public Subsidies of Low Wages

New Orleans      The Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education at the University of California has released a report looking at many federal and state subsidies directed at relief for lower income Americans.  All good.  What they found though is that a huge percentage of this kind of support is not in Republican ideological terms, […]

Signs at the Borderland of Gentrification

New house infill construction in Frey Parking Lots

New Orleans    In New Orleans in the Bywater-Marigny neighborhoods where I live and work were in the throes of a long drawn out, desultory stretch for decades since the 1980s.  We were going to be “hot” one day, but who knew when.   Into the latter years of the […]

The Money Primary: Ted Cruz Thins the Republican Herd and Scares Democrats

New Orleans      We now have three elections in the United States.  There’s the general election in 2016 of course when we pull the lever for our candidates, sorting out the ballot babies from the two main contenders offered by the Republicans and Democrats.  There’s the primary election where we poll between candidates earlier in the […]

Karl Rove Points the Way to the White House for Democrats

New Orleans               You don’t expect Karl Rove to be the voice of reason for Republicans, given his role as the master political operative between the two Bush presidencies, but these days you have embrace whatever help you can find.  In this case,  Rove was writing a “sober up” memo to the Republican faithful and trying […]