Is “American Sniper” an Anti-War Movie?

New Orleans   The papers are buzzing about the surprising opening weekend success of Clint Eastwood’s latest movie, “American Sniper,” starring Bradley Cooper, who was also nominated for an Academy Award for his performance.Hollywood is scratching its head as if they had found a new audience in the South and the West for war movies.  Quelle [...]

Post-Ferguson: It’s Not the Tactics, It’s the Troops

Boston highway blocking

New Orleans     Historians, celebrities, names in the news, and old warriors of the civil rights movements are being put in the uncomfortable position of being asked by the press as so-called opinion leaders to comment on everything from the movie, Selma, to the tactics of protestors in the post-Ferguson moment of pushback [...]

Attacks on Fair Housing and Affordable Housing Demands

New Orleans    Talking on “Wade’s World” on KABF with George Washington University sociology professor and frequent author, Gregory Squires, about his recent piece in Social Policy on the impact of the Occupy movement, he underlined his concern that the “disparate impact” theory is under review in the term of the US Supreme Court and the [...]

Is President Obama Finally Joining the Battle Against Telecoms?

Little Rock       I’m crossing my fingers that now that President Obama doesn’t have to raise money for another campaign, he’s finally getting the fact that his buddies at Comcast and the rest of the telecoms have been playing him and almost every other governmental body and politician in the country for patsies while they shakedown [...]

Medical Debt Collectors are Killing Credit for 43 Million!

Little Rock   So the new IRS and Treasury rules are going to require that nonprofit hospitals, and hopefully for profits soon as well, stop a darned minute before they go to the debt collectors, mess up everyone’s credit, sue them, try to take their houses, and first born children if the law allowed.  That’s a [...]

Eulogy for Dale

New Orleans   This is something I don’t want to get good at, but today we memorialized my brother, Dale, and for those interested, here were my remarks.

My brother, Dale Rathke, was many things to many people.

The “just the facts, ma’am” version found him born 64 years ago in Rangely, Colorado on the western slope, where [...]