Visiting with the Old Hands: Sue Hanna Marquess and Melva Harmon

Quick reunion with veterans of ACORN’s early years when they were VISTA volunteers working as ACORN organizers, Melva Harmon and Sue Hanna Marquess, in Little Rock at Community Bakery.

New Orleans     For a couple hours it was a stroll down memory lane, first with lawyers from legal services in Arkansas where I had poached some of [...]

Arkansas at the Bottom of the Barrel for Tenants

New Orleans        Reading the press release from the Arkansas Legal Services Partnership, there was no doubt that a significant victory for tenants had finally been won.  Arkansas had long been the only state that still criminalized evictions for tenants.In other words you could be evicted by the landlord filing criminal charges on you for not [...]

Nonprofit Hospitals Are Going to Have to Prove They are Not Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Little Rock     For many top executives and CEO’s it easy to imagine that running a big urban nonprofit hospital has been a sweet gig.  Looking at some of the 990’s that all nonprofits submit to the IRS annually, salaries in the millions are not unusual at some of these big hospitals and many make millions [...]

Duplicate Dues Enrollment Should be Standard Operating Procedure

UAW Billboard 1930s Detroit

Little Rock   Reading about the second battle of Wisconsin between labor and Governor Scott Walker and his Republican colleagues, who four years ago stripped public workers’ unions in that state of the ability to collect agency fees or “fair share” payments in lieu of dues for representation, it seems they are [...]

Banking at the Post Office

Japan Post Bank  ATM at Japan Post

New Orleans      I’ve been on the post office bandwagon for some time as a solution for reducing the impact of predatory lending, check cashing, and money transfers or remittances.  It seems in the effort to protect jobs, the American Postal Workers Union may be planning to take just [...]

Are the People Finally Taking Over Mardi Gras?

A float from the Krewe du Vieux “Begs for Change” 2015

New Orleans         There’s just something about reading the rehashed stories every year on the front page of the local New Orleans papers about the surprise of some uptown swell at being named King of Rex and the shock of some debutante at being chosen [...]