Remembering Labor on Labor Day

New Orleans       I’m not sure whether I’ve ever driven through Warren, Monticello, and Dermott, Arkansas, but being in Little Rock for KABF and various business, gave me a chance to go visit a Labor Day picnic with Local 100’s great members in Warren.  The food was great and the solidarity stunning, but driving on to New [...]

Tea Party Hijacking Immigration Fight and Setting Up Showdown

Steve King Credited to M.Scott Mahaskey/POLITICO

Little Rock       There’s something about the dog days of summer that seem to bring the crazy out.  Unfortunately we’re seeing this once again in the Congressional cloakroom resurgence of the Tea Party representatives, even as the Tea Party’s electoral and public support plummets, and once again the bone their gnawing is [...]

Elite Colleges Perpetuating Educational Segregation and Income Inequality

Houston           All of the evidence on income stratification in higher education indicates that elite colleges and universities continue to play a major role in accelerating inequality as cherished ghettos of the rich and guardians of society’s inside track.  It should come as no surprise that they are undoubtedly the least able to heal themselves [...]

Is the Web Anti-Women?

Houston     Eventually as the evidence mounts, you have to wonder whether the internet is stacked up against women.

You can look at the gatekeepers in the pantheons of tech in Silicon Valley. Recently released employment statistics at Apple are representative and there 80% of the hires are men, and not to put too fine a point [...]

Stop the Militarization of Local Police Departments

New Orleans     The aftermath of tragic violence and protest in Ferguson, Missouri has reignited recognition of the continuing racial divide in the United States. It is hardly a surprise that African-Americans and whites continue to see things so differently, but while searching for an area where there is high agreement, I think I’ve found one. [...]

Continuing Confusion on Companies and Affordable Care: Walmart Example

New Orleans            Reading continuing reports on the number of people seeking coverage directly in the marketplace or through their employers under the Affordable Care Act makes it clear in many fundamental ways, people still don’t get some of the dimensions of the healthcare contradictions.  Nothing made the case for this argument more conclusively than a [...]