The Hard Problems Integrating “Culture” into Social Change

New Orleans      Jagrati Bhatia is community organizer I know in London who I’ve talked to about our organizing in Narobi, where she has family.  I posted on my Facebook page that I was rolling through Lake Village, Arkansas between Little Rock and New Orleans and stopped by:

….to help set up the KABF sponsored Oxbow Jazz [...]

Suppressing the Vote and Keeping in Simple in Arkansas

Dallas         The Republican voter suppression efforts around the United States are such a yo-yo between legislatures, courts, and more courts that god only knows how much the voters in many of these states will be confused as they go to the polls in November or, as likely, as they stay home, [...]

Cross Cultural Translation English to American and Back Again

New Orleans     Talking to my friends and hosts in the United Kingdom over the last ten days one of the things that was the most fun was the cross cultural English-to-English translation we had to do.  This is the kind of thing my dad would have found fascinating on my return from any trip overseas.


ACORN London Calling in Brixton!

London     I’ve now been to hundreds and hundreds of first meetings of ACORN groups in cities, both new and old, around the world, and they never fail to be thrilling in the exciting, dangerous, head thumping, nerve wracking way that all intense new experiences with people always are. The first meeting of ACORN London in [...]

Wow! We’re Not Alone in Seeing Comcast as a Bully!

London      I hit the ground in London around noon their time. Ok, that overstates it. After flying overnight from Houston, it would be more accurate to say that I stumbled out of the plane like the rest of my flying comrades to an overcast and raining day, totally different than the weather I had convinced [...]

Bank Redlining Increasing and Wealth Plummeting in Minority Communities

Seattle 1964

New Orleans        The Federal Reserve report on the continued decrease in lending to African-American and Hispanic families is unambiguous.  In 2013, 4.8% of total home loans were to African-Americans, 7.3% were to Hispanics.  In 2012, the numbers were only marginally better at 5.1% and 7.2% respectively.  As recently as 2006, before the real [...]