Father Rob Currie in Arenal, Nicaragua Has Organized in the “Vineyards”

Managua          Mike Gallagher, veteran organizer and longtime friend and comrade, told me after his stay in Nicaragua earlier this year that Bob Currie was worth a visit. On the calendar for the Organizers’ Forum I had marked “small village case study.” I’m not sure if Father Currie had suggested that topic [...]

Nicaragua Then and Now

Managua         The Organizers’ Forum delegation to Nicaragua rolled in by bus from Honduras and airplane from the US and Canada to the smallish, but surprisingly new and modern airport in Managua.  We picked up the last two of our group after midnight with the streets deserted on a Saturday as we traveled along well [...]

Workers Recycling Electronic Wastes are Handling Hazards, We’re Doing Little or Worse

Houston      In India,  ACORN organizes and supports recyclers of all descriptions in the informal economy. The most lucrative livelihoods in this field are the workers handling electronic waste, or e-waste as it’s called, from discarded cell phones, televisions, computers, and the like. The exchange in trade there is in the precious metals, including gold and [...]

United Kingdom’s Bedroom Tax Invades America, Hitting New York City First

New Orleans    In the year that I have traveled back and forth to England and Scotland, in talking to organizers, advocates, and activists involved in housing, there is no single issue of Prime Minister David Cameron’s brutal austerity program that continues to provoke more outrage and opposition than the so-called “bedroom tax” imposed on social [...]

Why Doesn’t the NFL Know the Rule: Boys Don’t Hit Girls!

New Orleans        I hate to write about contemporary sports, because for readers and listeners around the world it seems so stereotypically, how can I say this, American. We’re seen as sports obsessed, because, well, many of us are sports obsessed. And, if there’s one sport that has taken pride of place above all others, it [...]

Remembering Labor on Labor Day

New Orleans       I’m not sure whether I’ve ever driven through Warren, Monticello, and Dermott, Arkansas, but being in Little Rock for KABF and various business, gave me a chance to go visit a Labor Day picnic with Local 100’s great members in Warren.  The food was great and the solidarity stunning, but driving on to New [...]