Retiring One Halloween Election Boogie Man: ACORN!

New Orleans   With the election here, the voter registration period is pretty much over in most states, except for those favored few who have same day registration, so it’s safe to finally talk about it a bit more and make some notes about some of the things that make 2014′s midterms different from elections over [...]

Spying through the Mail, How Last Century

New Orleans      The US Postal Service admitted that it had complied already this year with 50,000 different requests from local law enforcement authorities and national security folks for permission to open the mail of US citizens in search of nefarious schemes and hanky-panky.  Perhaps unrelated, and perhaps not, within days the US Postal Service also [...]

There Goes the Neighborhood

Mural at the office

New Orleans        I don’t know why I continue to be surprised at the changes in my own neighborhood, Bywater in New Orleans.  I’ve seen the joggers, dog walkers, and strollers in the streets.  I’ve noticed the porkpie hipster hats and the bicycles rolling by at all hours of the day and night.  [...]

The Limits and Pitfalls of Google’s Search Engine

New Orleans      It’s true that none of us seem to be able to live without Google.  There are other search engines, and for one reason or another many of us dip our toe in and still find later, despite our misgivings, that we are still using Google mail even knowing they keep everything forever and share with [...]

The Hard Problems Integrating “Culture” into Social Change

New Orleans      Jagrati Bhatia is community organizer I know in London who I’ve talked to about our organizing in Narobi, where she has family.  I posted on my Facebook page that I was rolling through Lake Village, Arkansas between Little Rock and New Orleans and stopped by:

….to help set up the KABF sponsored Oxbow Jazz [...]

Suppressing the Vote and Keeping in Simple in Arkansas

Dallas         The Republican voter suppression efforts around the United States are such a yo-yo between legislatures, courts, and more courts that god only knows how much the voters in many of these states will be confused as they go to the polls in November or, as likely, as they stay home, [...]