Finding the Line on Benefits and Drawing the Line on Rubbish

Edinburgh    When it came time for the Leith ACORN branch chair to report on the accomplishments of the first 5 months of campaigns, the conversation among the leadership went from speculative and quizzical to animated and excited.   As much as the big issues of lease security and rent management engaged everyone in the room, [...]

Ghostbusters in Radio World

New Orleans       Over the last couple of years as I’ve acted as station manager of KABF 88.3/FM, the “voice of the people” broadcasting at 100,000 watts from Little Rock, Arkansas and live streaming, I’m sometimes asked by various associates “if this is the best use of my time,” to which I reply heartily with various [...]

Who Knew? IRS Tax Exemption Process Has Gotten Easier!

Little Rock       We all know all about the Internal Revenue Service, right? The very mention of the IRS causes virtually all grown men and women to duck-and-cover. In fact, many Americans are somewhat confused and think that possibly the government has gone to war against the IRS somewhere in the Middle East, but that’s ISIS, [...]

Preparing for the Implementation of Obama’s Immigration Order

Angelica Salas

Little Rock       When CMS, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, got ready to implement the Affordable Care Act in route to signing up 10 million people for health insurance more than $100 million was allocated by the federal government for navigators and another amount as large for community clinics and a like amount [...]

Fate, Thanksgiving, and the Mill Hunk Herald


Larry Evans and Leslie Byrd Evans, then his wife, in 1981.

New Orleans    The Mill Hunk Herald is likely a quarterly publication you’ve never heard of or long forgotten.  It was a Pittsburgh-based scrappy and chaotic voice of an array of blue collar workers during a ten year period between 1979 and 1989.  Whenever it arrived [...]

Got to Root for the Pope, because He’s Rooting for Us!

New Orleans    I don’t know if Pope Francis sees himself as a community organizer or not, but if he doesn’t, I’m pretty sure he’s vying for a position as head cheerleader, and I swear I can see him waving an ACORN banner in the stands.   John Russo, professor emeritus from Youngstown State and co-director of a center [...]