The Poor Will be Among Us, and Corporations Will be Selling Them Crap!

Unilever products in Indonesia

New Orleans    When I wrote Citizen Wealth: Winning the Campaign to Save Working Families, with my editor’s encouragement I labored pretty hard to make the case that major corporations understood the importance of citizen wealth or income security for lower income families and some had in fact fine tuned their business […]

Breadlines: The Impact of Budget Cuts on Citizen Wealth

Growing Poverty in London, picture from Breadlines Series in the Guardian

Toronto   If anyone really wants to know what the impact of Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget proposals, Tea Party harangues, and Republic policy propositions would be for working people, it might be worth taking a look at the impact of the current austerity program in Britain […]

Toil Index and Tax Credits for Home Ownership

Robert Schiller from Yale gave props to Richard Green of USC for his recommendation that there be a targeted tax credit to encourage homeownership.  Green and Andrew Reschovsky of Wisconsin have studied the data closely are clear that the real benefit of existing tax policy allowing a standard deduction for interest on mortgages is for […]

Near Poor: Trouble at the Dividing Line of Poverty

New Orleans                       Nothing like stumbling over the obvious, but then the whole point of being relatively poor or “near poor,” as the Times called it today, is being invisible, no matter what they or anyone else may want to call it.  In looking at the new numbers that try to define the terror and […]

Accelerate Bank Transfers and Create Citizen Wealth and Reinvestment

New Orleans Credit union and community banks report the number of new accounts opening in October rose to by 13 times the normal rate of increase with over 650,000 new accounts since September 29th when Bank of America announced its (now rescinded) larcenous run on their own customer’s  bank accounts through debit card fees.   […]

The Assault on Citizen Wealth Entitlements

New Orleans No matter how jaded we have all become about the cynicism of political experience and the hijacking of popular government, regardless of the party and people in power, by the interests of the rich and the corporations, it is still shocking to see the mean-spirited erosion of consensus that in the richest […]