Making Earned Income Credits a Better Incentive for Work and Fair to the Childless

Peterborough    In a recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, Princeton economist, author, and former Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Blinder made a brilliant case for Congress to actually read Obama’s proposal and do more to make the Earned Income Tax Credit really increase citizen wealth and even, are you listening my [...]

Going Small versus the Grand on Immigration Reform

New Orleans  Sitting in at the California field office of the House majority whip, Angelica Salas, the esteemed, outstanding director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), was informed that the House would not take up the issue of immigration reform before the end of the year, virtually taking the rest of [...]

Congress Gone Wild with Crazy Votes on ACORN and More!

Little Rock   Congress has left for a 5-week summer vacation, and this time whether they have earned it or not, they probably need the rest.   Perhaps in some kind of rehab clinic or re-education camp in fact, because one vote after another in the House of Representatives in recent weeks could be clinically classified as [...]

Marking Time for O’Keefe, ACORN, and the Crazies of Congress

New Orleans   Almost three years since the ACORN board and staff at that time pulled the plug on the organization and spread to the four corners of the country, it was suddenly another “ACORN week” in many ways in some weird coincidence of the calendar.  

            James O’Keefe, III, the criminal videographer who recently [...]

House Republicans Propose “Groundhog Day” Ban on Federal Funding for ACORN

New Orleans  They’re back!  The Republican Hater Patrol is roaming the streets of Congress again, and this time they are pulling white sheets of paper up to their heads.  It appears the Republicans are working hard to re-brand themselves as vampire hunters modeled after last year’s movie about the young Abraham Lincoln as his pre-presidential [...]

Aaron is Right, Aviv is Wrong: The Wealthy Cannot Keep Escaping Taxes

Aaron Dorfman

Quito   A number of the big dog, nonprofit charities trooped over to visit with Congress to try to protect every dime of their tax breaks, especially the blanket deductions that favor the rich and superrich.   They were led by Diane Aviv, the longtime head of Independent Sector, the big nonprofits trade group that [...]