How in FCC World Can Workers’ News Not be News?

New Orleans   The Workers Independent News has been around a long time, pushing on a couple of decades.  Supported by unions and heard on about 175 radio stations around the country, including soon on the KABF Labor Show produced by Local 100 of the United Labor Unions, WIN is widely recognized for its value in [...]

New FCC Rules and Stopping Comcast

Edinburgh   Some things are certain today.  It will rain in Scotland, and Comcast will continue to quickly exercise monopoly power over the internet, almost making a mockery of the recently proposed “new” rules by the FCC to curb exactly these kinds of abuses.  Comcast and Netflix came to an agreement for Netflix to pay them [...]

Comcast-Time Warner Merger Must be Stopped!

New Orleans   Comcast has announced a $45 billion and change merger to acquire Times Warner Cable in a ruthless effort to consolidate the cable industry.  They would put their leading 21.6 million customers with Times Warner’s 11.4 customers.  They claim this is not an anti-trust problem because they don’t overlap with Times Warner in any zipcode [...]

The Moral Dimensions of Price Protections for Drugs and Basic Necessities

New Orleans  It’s painful to read the papers about tens of thousands being denied life-saving cancer drugs solely because of costs and various trade protections that put profits ahead of people, as so many prepare to die rather than either be a burden to their families or fight for some more justice.  Reading about the [...]

Why Deny the Poor Access to Telephone Service and the Internet?

Ocean Springs    We can say with confidence and without fear of correction that the coming year will see yet more full scale battles in the war against the poor.

Anyone can make that list.  Certainly it starts with the headliners right now as extended unemployment benefits are being terminated, food stamps are still on the chopping block [...]

Attempting to Hijack Low Power Community Radio

New Orleans    There has been virtually radio silence about the rush of applications from hopeful communities around the country hoping to build low power radio stations under the new opening by the FCC for applications.   The deadline recently passed, and more than 1000 applications were filed, which would seem like good news, but might be [...]