Glenn Beck Just Wants to be Loved

New Orleans   In the land of the bizarre there was a brief interview with Glenn Beck, radio personality and rabid right winger in the Times recently.   Finally, we can get a better sense of what really drives Beck:  he just wants to be loved.

            He is one big, smiley lump of deeply felt grievances […]

Republican Presidential Candidates Houses: Bad Taste Past the Boundaries

            New Orleans               Republicans, Democrats, or whatever, when something is way, way over the line, it should be roundly understood as out of bounds.  A piece in the New York Times Home and Garden section this week by Kate Zernike called “The Houses of the Hopefuls” was appalling on any […]

Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government Admits Boo-boo on “Days of Rage”

Wall Street Protest

New Orleans        I admit that I check the Google alerts everyday to see how the alternative universe is doing where this other “wade rathke” lives, who is often unrecognizable to me.  The most recent episode in his “life,” was some kind of “days of rage” planned for Wall Street, which was […]

Glenn Beck Going Down

New Orleans We have finally reached bottom. I heard the splash, so we can measure exactly how far it is from normal to wacko crazy at Fox News finally when Glenn Beck and his maddening fantasy and conspiracy tour turned out to be even too much for Fox to handle. Turns out […]

The Big Troubles of James O’Keefe and His Sponsors

New Orleans It turns out that just like the song says, “it’s hard on a pimp” or a “punk” or a “pretend pimp,” which turns out is the case for video-sting-man James O’Keefe and his futile attempts to “come clean” and pull off his greatest ironic caper:  boy journalist.

You know it’s a dog pile […]

Glenn Beck and William Kristol Brawl over John Birchers and Middle East

New Orleans When William Kristol of the intellectual right, Weekly Standard, is coming to your defense against Glenn Beck of Fox and other platforms, it would be a mistake to believe that everything is “right with the world,” since it is more likely the equivalent of a no-punches-thrown schoolyard shouting match.  But, sure enough […]