Unnecessary Medical Care and Over Prescription by Doctors

New Orleans      I go for a physical annually, like you’re supposed to do.  I basically trust my doctor, largely because she keeps it simple, doesn’t make me do some tests I don’t want, stretches out the EKGs for years, and sometimes forgets to make me, how should I say this, bend over.  To get insurance […]

Using Local Property Taxes to Push Hospitals on Charity Care

New Orleans      John Bouman, the President of the Sargent Shriver Poverty Law Center based in Chicago was my guest on Wade’s World recently on KABF/FM talking about a number of subjects but especially the handles for pushing nonprofit hospitals to provide care for lower income families as part of their nonprofit status and especially their federal […]

Salud Promodores, Barefoot Doctors, Home Health Workers, and Iranian Health Houses Come Knocking

Healthcare Workers in Iran

New Orleans   In organizing the process of strengthening weak ties to build the strong welds of solidarity can be very personal, tediously time consuming and therefore prohibitively expensive, and involve huge scale human engineering in order to create deep organizations, which is partly why organizers use other tools like actions and […]

Community Paramedics; Good Idea, No Reimbursement

New Orleans A fascinating story ran in the New York Times by Kirk Johnson about “community paramedics” being used in Colorado along with earlier experiments among homeless populations in San Diego, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.  There was nothing about the program that involved rocket science, but in cutting back on emergency 911 calls costing […]

Impacting Healthcare: Organizing Medical “Hotspots”

Toronto Dr. Atul Gawande writing in the current issue of The New Yorker (1/24/11) interjects himself once again into the national (global?) health care debate by pointing out that hard data often reveals, as it did in Camden, New Jersey, that as much as 30% of health care costs are generated by as few as […]

Gold Hidden in Dodd-Frank

New Orleans Wow!  A seasonal surprise!!  It turns out that there were a couple of pieces of gold hidden in the hills and valleys of the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act that I had overlooked and that have international impact.   Retailers are required to report annually on the origin of minerals used in products from war-torn […]