Religious Adaptation: Scouts, Immigrants and Whistleblowers Make Me Wonder

Little Rock  Talking to someone yesterday who wanted to do a series of reports for KABF community radio about religion, caught me up short and forced me to actually think for a minute about the strange and interesting stirrings within religious denominations that might just indicate that in the face of declining membership, some of them […]

United We Dream, Training in Quito, and Ecuadorian Volleyball

With Valentina Ramia of Ruptura25 we begin training organizers for first visits in Quito Norte barrios

Quito    Nice to wake up and read the front page of the New York Times and see our companero/companera Carlos Saavedra from Peru and Boston and Gaby Pacheco from Ecuador and Miami, along with other young organizers and activists with […]

Was there a DREAM versus Secure Communities Immigration Deal?

Buenos Aires        I want to share how exciting it was to be with the organizing committee in the Isidor Casanova district of the mega-slum, La Matanza, yesterday as they planned their first major campaign to clean up the fouled, garbage laden dump that their river has become, but that will have to wait until […]

Building a Movement to Win the DREAM

New Orleans As part of Paladin Partners, Drummond Pike and I spent an invigorating and productive day meeting in […]

Remembering Carlos Guerra and La Raza Unida

New Orleans         I was sitting in a staff meeting two weeks ago and casually mentioned that my friend Carlos Guerra had said to me on […]

New Tactics As DREAM Deferred

Langston Hughes Poem

Orange Beach When looking at the Senate’s Saturday work, it’s important to remember the difference between people who volunteered and those who didn’t.  In DADT we are talking about some protection and relief for brave men and women who volunteered to serve and die for our country.  The defeat of the […]