Going Bio-Diesel, New Orleans First!

New Orleans My crash course in the chemistry and advantages of bio-diesel started with a phone call almost a year ago from a union steward I knew who worked for the City of Santa Barbara in California.  He and a buddy had spent a world of time and no small amount of money building a […]

Alternative News, The Lens, and Hope for the Future

New Orleans For some time I had been getting a fairly regular email from something in New Orleans called The Lens. It was something like a web newspaper without being on paper and normally being slim pickings of just a couple of stories.  They seemed to have some stories worth a look on the Orleans […]

Treme for Tourists: The Shell of the City Set to Music

New Orleans Henry Butler, the well known New Orleans piano player, and his music were featured on the Treme episode in the regular HBO Sunday slot.  Early in the show, he said it was “good to be home.”  In the real world of post-Katrina, Butler had showed up with thousands of others on the porch […]

“The Greatest Mardi Gras Illusion: The Happiness of the Poor”

March 8, 2011 In the Bywater – New Orleans Cheyenne, my old, arthritic Australian cattle dog, needed walking so we jumped out on the street early in a light, warm drizzle hoping to beat the crowds moving towards parades in a couple of hours. No such luck. Within a block from […]

Politicians Slip and Fall: Oliver Thomas’ “Reflections”

New Orleans Contrary to popular opinion, it is actually a very, very rare event for a New Orleans city politician to go to jail for some kind of corruption, regardless of our reputation.  The hometown paper, The Times Picayune, campaigned mercilessly for investigations and convictions of Mayor Marc Morial and his troops, largely to no […]

Sandra Bullock for Louisiana Governor

New Orleans Today Sandra Bullock, recently an Academy Award winning best actress and since Hurricane Katrina a laser focused supporter and annual homecoming queen of Warren Easton High School on Canal Street, demanded her piece on a promo video done by “Women of the Storm” about Gulf restoration be removed because she refused to […]