Sodexo Stumbles While Squeezing Through Obamacare Loophole

New Orleans   Obamacare continues to be contentious with daily reports arguing about the issue from Nobel Prize economist and columnist Paul Krugman’s assessment of the good news to more conservative pundits arguing we are on the verge of huge price shocks coming in the 2015 rating levels.  One thing that continues to be indisputable is [...]

Affordable Care Challenges and Contradictions Blocking Progress

Bristol     Yes, the Affordable Care Act is not the same as single-payer, national health insurance assuring good standards and care for all, and we all know that, but that doesn’t mean that the constant tensions and contradictions won’t continue to create a centrifugal force on all sides to force more change.   There are many cases [...]

More Dilution of Affordable Care Act for Lower Income Workers

London    We may think that Congress does nothing but try to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and although they do a whole lot of that, like it or not both parties do come together every blue moon to amend the Affordable Care Act, but when they do so, it’s not necessarily a win for the [...]

Are New Obamacare Rules Another Step Backward for Low Wage Workers?

New Orleans    It isn’t hard to understand the thinking behind the new IRS regulations to clarify the rules for employers who might be trying to hustle the margins on the Affordable Care Act and “dump” workers onto the system to save a couple of bucks.  The problem is that the rules completely ignore the reality [...]

How are Hospitals Handling Charity Care and Health Insurance?

Vancouver    For my money, one of the least examined impacts of the Affordable Care Act is how hospitals, many of whom are required by law or tax exempt status, to deliver some level of charitable care to lower income patients, will handle the new world of mandatory health coverage.

There are still somewhere close to 170 [...]

Support for Affordable Care Act Continues to Grow

Little Rock   When a well-known pollster examines the trends and notes that the numbers supporting Obamacare are not only continuing to rise, but are doing so in such a significant way that Republicans are likely to re-message from repeal to reform of the Affordable Care Act, just as soon as they can harvest enough residue [...]