Unions Pushing Up Wages from Below

Little Rock   I’m not sure whether it’s a backstory, a footnote, or just good organizers grabbing a handle and moving fast and hard with it, but under, over, and around the new push to $10.10, rather than $15.00 per hour, is some good, solid, and exciting union organizing of contract workers in federal facilities around [...]

The Low Percentage Odds for Short-term Victory for Fast Food Workers

New Orleans   In a somewhat perplexing article by Arun Gupta on fast food workers organizing featured in the December issue of In These Times, once the reader was able to get past the obvious, his feinted surprise, and anonymous ex-organizer interviews about recent fast food worker organizing (that these are publicity strikes, that they are [...]

Trouble Coming for Labor on Issues before the Supreme Court

 New Orleans  These days news that the Supreme Court has decided to review decisions that involve labor unions is always cause for concern, but these cases are especially worrisome because they go to the heart of some of the few organizing successes that the labor movement has been able to construct over the last several [...]

Oppressing the Christians in Chin and Media Dreams in the Air

Yangon  Chin is a somewhat inaccessible state occupied largely by ethnic Chin’s along the western and northern mountainous areas of Myanmar strategically located along the Indian and Chinese borders of the country.  The state is geographically large, but its population is hardly 500,000, and perhaps significantly less given the number of Chin who have [...]

Higher Living Wages Somewhere, Maybe? $15 Per Hour, Unlikely!

Labor DayLittle Rock       A couple of days ago there was an article in the Times that examined the call by some fast food workers through their publicity strike for $15 per hour as their minimum wage.   The reporters wrote of experts and economists being “flown to Las Vegas” for urgent strategy sessions on how [...]

Kaiser Aftermath: How About Some Competition to Organize Healthcare Workers?

Little Rock       Probably surprising none of the organizers involved or anyone looking at the campaign, the vote count on the rerun decertification election between the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW) produced the same result with a wider margin as Kaiser hospital workers in California overwhelming voted for [...]