NLRB is Crying for More Concerted Activity Cases

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            New Orleans     This one statement reported in a complaint against Amazon filed in court by lawyers for a regional office of the National Labor Relations Board just about says it all.  In their pleadings, the NLRB argued that unless federal district court agreed to give them a 10j injunction and reinstate a worker …

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Talking Union to Starbucks Baristas

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  New Orleans      Starbucks workers in more than sixty stores have filed for representation elections with the NLRB.  The company, no doubt looking for a way to pushback, recently fired seven workers in one of its locations in Memphis, Tennessee.  They are sending a message, but how are workers and customers supposed to respond …

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Independent Unions Rising to Fill the Void

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Pearl River     It’s hard to imagine Mexico as a workers’ paradise.  Wages and working conditions are substandard.  So-called charro unions which are too often in the pockets of the employers and the government have kept the lid on workers’ wages.  Wages, even in some major industrial plants, like General Motors, start at as little as …

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