Right-to-work and the Making of the American Precariat

Edinburgh       Ok, I’ll admit it.  Having stumbled on this term “precariat” recently in conversations in London, referring to an emerging class of workers and families, vital to the neo-liberal business model but unmoored from the current economy and lacking any income or job security, I’m noticing it everywhere.  Most recently I read a piece in [...]

The Non-existent “Laboratory Conditions” on Union Elections in Auto and Sports

New Orleans    Later in April a hearing officer for the regional office of the National Labor Relations Board covering Chattanooga will determine whether or not things like the Governor’s contingent promise to provide Volkswagen with $300 million in tax benefits and subsidies to add a new production line only if workers voted against representation by [...]

Unions Building Community Organizations in Britain

London    In an interesting development several large labor unions, including Unison and Unite, are building what they call community organizing programs in recognition of the increasing importance of communities in building their programs. 

In the case of Unite, the country’s largest labor union with more than 2 million members, organizers meeting with [...]

Weaker Unions Mean Less Racial Equality

New Orleans   As great as it is to finally see some increasing attention being paid to the issues of inequality that have been so many decades in the making, perhaps not enough attention is being paid to the critical role of unions in bridging the inequality gap, especially when it comes to the critical issues [...]

New Strategy at AFL-CIO or Same Ol’, Same Ol’?

New Orleans    I watched a brief interview for USA Today with Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, on the eve of their coming convention, as he argued that with the diminishing numbers, there were changes coming at the federation.   The changes he talked about mainly were some kind of broader affiliation program that was enrolling [...]

More Evidence on Why Athletes – and the Rest of us — Need Unions

Little Rock       Being off-the-grid for a while, it’s surprising how little you miss reading the sports page in July.  I once had a friend who took a vow to not read the sports pages simply to open up more time in his life.  I can’t do that because some of the best and most honest [...]