Members Speak Out

ACORN International Canada Radio

Oshawa           An ACORN Convention would never be confused with some corporate or even big union affair.  There’s an agenda, but nothing is scripted, and that’s especially true of the first night’s “speak out” when each office gives its report of wins and worries over the previous two years.  It’s a zany affair with chants, whoops, …

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Diluting the Promise and Threat of the 10j Injunction

NLRB Supreme Court Unions

Oshawa           The Supreme Court somehow got all the votes behind a Clarence Thomas decision pushing back on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ability to request an injunction to remedy egregious unfair labor practices by an employer.  Unfair labor practices in union organizing drives are ubiquitous.  A Harvard professor’s study more than thirty years ago …

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