Police Work is Almost Always Political

Disparities Ideas and Issues Policing Politics

            Pearl River     Let’s talk about the FBI searching Trump’s place at Mar-de-Largo and the hootenanny from the right that followed their look see for all of the secret documents that Trump had been playing hide-and-seek with the National Archives since he left office.  My kneejerk reaction has been, “get over yourself!”  Where are these …

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Elon Musk Please Shut Up

Social Media

            Pearl River     I can’t be the only one in the world who is just soooo tired of Elon Musk other than everyone who still works directly for Twitter.   He just talks and talks and talks, but what does it all add up to other than endless self-promotion of his narcissistic shtick? I’m not saying …

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Veritas – What Goes Around, Comes Around

Ideas and Issues

               Pearl River            Veritas means truth in Latin.  Project Veritas means untruth in English.  One thing that is proven to be true once again is that “what goes around, comes around.”  James O’Keefe, the hyper-conservative provocateur, specializes in the faux expose and supposed scandal with one organization or individual after another, including most tragically …

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