No, This is Not an Office Organizer!

Personal Writings

New Orleans We’re baaaaaack! The picture of my desk at work should categorically establish that I am not the best source, nor is for advice on how you should organize your desk, office, closet or whatever, but, boy was this on a short list for a weird experience.

If you are lucky, you may not even know what I’m talking about, but it’s the modern day, high-tech version of something on the order of identity theft.

It went like this….

Sunday afternoon I got a message from my old friend and comrade, Mark Splain, wanting to talk about the Kibera blog, since it had fired his imagination and interest. Shortly thereafter he sent me a cryptic note saying that the “site has expired.” Huh? I forwarded the note to some of our mega-domes. The first reply was that they could not find the problem on or on

Later I hit the site and a funny looking page came up that listed a menu of ways that the “chieforganizer” could help you organize your office. We were in a virtual world of confusion then.

It turns out that the all-powerful Network Solutions made a mistake when they recorded our renewal payments on the site. When notified on Monday morning, they quickly fessed up and made it right, but….

How about “mental anguish?” After all of these years and building up to 3000 readers per month, I felt like someone had stolen my identity — and my work! It was depressing! And, I said to myself this morning, hey, it’s only the internet, but then it occurred to me that the internet is in fact our connection with much of the world.

What have we gotten ourselves into now, big brother?!?

Wade’s desk…really.