ACORN Personal Writings

Buenos Aires On the calendar it says that Carnival is a holiday here, but everyone was working on a warm, breezy summer day, except for the bank and government workers. No parades here!

The crawl line from CNN said that the business community was ecstatic with the 2nd post-Katrina crowds and from my Google temperature reading, the weather seemed great with a high of about 70 degrees. How bad could that be? I got a message from my son in Rochester, NY in the snow that he was going downtown to watch the Mardi Gras parades, except that they didn’t have Mardi Gras parades in Rochester.

We welcomed our new recruit in from Mexico who arrived late last night and was starting her first day of training to go back and open the office and operations for ACORN Mexico in Mexico City in the Districto Federal.

At one point I got an instant message from the office next door that asked the simple question that said in brief: “could I have ever imagined that I would be in an ACORN office in Buenos Aires listening next door to the head organizer there training a head organizer for Mexico City and all of them sitting there reading an organizing model you wrote in 1974? How does that feel?”

Simply amazing, I have to admit, simply amazing! A little like living on cloud nine.

Carnival attendees…probably yelling “Throw me something, Mister!!!”