Same City in Philly

ACORN Personal Writings

Philadelphia Michael Nutter won a hard, close race to be the Democratic nominee for Mayor of Philadelphia. He has essentially no opposition in this November’s general election on November 6th, so we all listened carefully to his “warm up” speech at Bright Baptist, the former church of Congressman and Majority Whip, Bill Gray.

He caught the crowd hard when he said, “There are two cities in Philadelphia.” And then he said there is the city of the rich and all they get and need and then there is the “city for the rest of us.” Over and over and over, he then said, “there is a different city in the same city…,” “a different city in the same city,” a different city in the same city,” and then with several more rising repetitions he then shouted that in “we have to have one city in Philadelphia!”

He ended with “thank you, thank you, mighty ACORN!”

Seems like someone who is on the same wavelength. Someone we could work with in the future!

An exciting way to begin today.

Michael Nutter